Try, Try Again

Well I should give this blogging thing a shot again.  Life gets busy and my new home has limited options for internet.  Apparently I moved into the country where high speed internet is just a myth.  I do miss the writing up of knitting accomplishments and celebrating my kids.  Looking forward to hearing from some old internet friends as well!

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What do you do during a Blizzard?


You rescue Fluffy from the wind and snow.



You make your kids take pictures of your knitting:)


Pattern is the Undercut Legwarmers from, free pattern!

Yarn is of course mine, Knit Me Now Sock Love in glacier.  It was a skein that was short yardage wise so I had to keep it for myself.  One  more of these to knit but I couldn’t wait to share them.  The shoes are from DSW and are Nine West.  The sexiest shoes in my closet right now:)



You draw pictures, watch movies, bake bread and try to fend off the whining. 


The next day you go out and play!






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Minnesota weather has been odd this year, on course with the rest of the US I suppose.  Why should we be different?  We were home yesterday stranded in a blizzard.  I often hesitate to call our weather something so drastic but I could not argue that what was going on yesterday fell into that catagory.  High howling winds and blowing, drifting snow all day yesterday makes today feel very quiet around here.  Plus the kids went to school today despite KD’s strong hopes to the contrary.  Our school district is having school but Duluth is still closed due to unplowed roads.  Our actual snowfall isn’t so much but we do finally have some at least. 


Been feeling rather melancholoy lately probably the time of year.  Not much to look forward to for a bit yet.  Trying to rev up some excitement around here is tough.  We need a mini vacation of some kind.  I am going to be looking into it today because I am having late winter heebie jeebies.  Yes a technical term to describe the need to get the heck out of here before I lose my ever loving mind!

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Another hat for our snowless winter


Here is Miss M’s hat. I made the Leef hat which you can find on Ravelry for free. I knit the earflaps with doubled yarn because the last one I thought was kind of flimsy in this area. Also I added stitches to the whole hat because of the fiasco with KD’s hat. Miss M asked for the poms on the end of the string. Very specific about what she likes that girl. The yarn is Cascade 220 which I picked up when one of my local stores was closing. I absolutely love Cascade 220. Such great colors and the perfect weight for these kinds of projects.

We are off on a kid free weekend cross country ski trip Friday. I can’t wait! Now what to bring to knit???

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KD’s new hat



KD wanted a hat. We picked out yarn, we picked out a pattern. I knit the hat…

It’s too small.

Noley has a new hat.

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Tea Leaves for Miss M

Before the holiday’s I was thinking a lot about this sweater which is Madelinetosh’s Tiny Tea Leaves pattern.  Miss M was having a tough day and complaining about how I only “care about the boys”  Yes we are getting to the pre-teen stage here why do you ask?  So Miss M and I went up to the stash and picked out this yarn and she approved the pattern.  I am so pleased about how this turned out.  She loves it and has worn it out of the house!  The yarn is British Mohair that I bought on the site a long time ago.  I had 4 skeins but this only needed 3.  The color is called Moon Struck and it is a bit darker in person than these pictures.  I seriously need some kind of class on how to properly use my camera.  I’ve fiddled with it and can’t get it to look right no matter how I change the settings.  Miss M is in the stage where she doesn’t like her picture taken so I also gave up on getting one of her wearing it. 


I made a size 10 so there will be plenty of time for her to wear it.  I also did short sleeves because that is what Miss M requested.   I did have to redo the length once as she wanted it to be longer.  Picky does not even begin to cover her lately.  I am currently in the throes of the Leef hat.  One is made and one is in progress.  I will save them for the next posting. 

On another note,  we are going cross-country skiing in a few weeks with friends, I am excited to get together with them and both gals coming along  knit as much as I do!  So much to look forward too, now to get through my next stretch of nights. 

I leave you with a picture my Noley took of our sunset the other evening.  Pretty huh?  Maybe he will be a photographer when he grows up.

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Christmas Conquered

Ok so its late to post about Christmas I know.  We had a whirlwind year here and I did manage to get it all done.  Then I had a long break from work to stay home and enjoy a little R&R for myself. 

Back to work now and loving it again.  So glad that taking a break from work is all I needed to stay in my job.  I was feeling very unhappy with it for a little while and hoped that my vacation would take care of the discontent I was feeling.  So far so good, 

Here is our little elf making toys to put under the tree.  Noley really loved Christmas this year and I loved it more because I still get to see it through his eye as the wonderful, magical time it really is. 



The week after we flew kites here.  This is really not typical Minnesota weather.  We have almost no snow and the termperatures are in the 30-40’s F most days.  Very unusual.  We are trying to make the best of it since its bound to snow at some point and the warm weather probably won’t hold out forever. 


Is it just me or are these the most beautiful kids around?  Showing off some gifts.  I will try to get Miss M to do a photo shoot with me soon as I have finished her Tiny Tea Leaves sweater and it is awesome! (if I do say so myself)  It turned out just as I hoped. 


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